Plant Biotechnology
Environmental Biology

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Environmental Biology Session:
Environmental Biology often is associated with bird watching or studying the impact of humans on rare flower species in New Zealand - but the session is good news for you, if your childhood dreams of becoming a detective or flying to the moon are still alive and you sometimes wonder how you ended up as a molecular biologist: we will use this session to shed light on corpse decomposition and astrobiology!

Already minutes after death the environment leaves its mark on the corpse. Evaluating the larval age of miscellaneous insects crawling around in the bowels and brains of corpses is used in police investigations to determine the time and location of death, something Dr. Cherix will tell us more about. If you think life ends beyond the blue planet, Dr. Cullen might have some news for you: he will talk about the emerging field of astrobiology and biosensors. Which planets might support life and which extreme terrestrial environments could serve as models for extraterrestrial life?

Let's enter a space travel from life to death and back!

• Dr. David Cullen - Can We Use Biotechnology to Find Evidence of Life In The Martian Environment?
• Daniel Cherix - Fly and Death, Forensic Entomology In Legal Investigation
• Dr. Peter Hartig - Microalgae: Health and Wealth