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Evolution Session:

"Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution", said Dobzhansky in 1973. So which are some of the real applications of evolutionary theories in our days?

Topics that will be covered in this session range from the discovery of a new enzyme for processing cotton fabric by means of directed evolution; to the study of HIV origin and emergence by analyzing ancestral viral sequences and the eventual application of this knowledge in vaccine development; to the origin and evolution of life on planets, and the focus on the study of Mars and Earth environments as Mars analogs and its application for future Mars exploration.

• Janne Kerovuo, PhD - Discovery of Pectin-Degrading Enzymes and Directed Evolution of a Novel Pectate Lyase for Processing Cotton Fabric
• Dr. Michael Worobey - Fossils, Feces, and Phylogenetics: Making Use of AIDS Viruses Found in Strange Places
• Pascal Lee, PhD - Exploring Mars and Other Planets in Search of Life