Plant Biotechnology
Environmental Biology

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Plant Biotechnology Session:
Plants are fundamental as the main producers of energy on this planet. They are not only the principal food source for humans, but also provide essential materials for construction, textile and pharmaceutical industries, among others. This session will try to illustrate the recent developments in the broad field of plant research.

The use of genetically modified (GM) crops can offer the opportunity to specifically provide essential nutrients that otherwise would lack in one's diet and cause major nutritional deficiencies worldwide.
Trait enhancement or selection can increase a plant's ability to survive in extreme environments providing, for example, the ability to grow crops where they wouldn't and the opportunity to select for a healthier, stronger breed.
Furthermore, plants can be used as a "pharmaceutical farm" by efficiently producing drugs and vaccines, for human use. On the other hand, its "mysterious" endogenous compounds may still today, hide away many more new medicines.

• Prof. Dr. Mark Tester - The Importance of Cell-Type Specific Processes in Whole Plant Physiology
• Dr. Ingo Potrykus - The Case of 'Golden Rice' Shows That Extreme Precautionary GMO-Regulation Is Responsible for Unnecessary Death of Millions
• Charles J. Arntzen, PhD - Plant-Derived Protein Pharmaceuticals
• Maria do Céu de Madureira, PhD - In The Search for Antimalarial Drugs from Plants - The Ethnopharmacological Approach