Plant Biotechnology
Environmental Biology

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Invited Speakers:
Charles Arntzen (Arizona State University, USA) (talk abstract)
Daniel Cherix (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland) (talk abstract)
David C. Cullen (Cranfield University, UK) (talk abstract)
Peter Hartig (BlueBiotech, Germany) (talk abstract)
Janne Kerovuo (Diversa Corporation, USA) (talk abstract)
Bobby Gaspar (University College London, UK) (talk abstract)
    (Sponsored by Schering)
Ron Laskey (University of Cambridge, UK) (talk abstract)
Roland Laszig (Universitäts-HNO-Klinik, Germany) (talk abstract)
Pascal Lee (Mars Institute, USA) (talk abstract)
• Maria do Ceu Madureira (Instituto Superior de Ciência da Saude do Sul, Portugal) (talk abstract)
Francis S. Markland (Univeristy of Southern California, USA) (talk abstract)
Ingo Potrykus (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) (talk abstract)
Jens Reich (Max Delbrück Center, Germany) (Public lecture speaker) (talk abstract)
Constance Scharff (Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics, Germany) (talk abstract)
• Mario Sousa (Instituto Ciencias Biomedicas Abel Salazar, Portugal) (talk abstract)
Rainer Spanagel (Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany) (talk abstract)
Mark Tester (ACPFG, Australia) (talk abstract)
Michael Worobey (University of Arizona, USA) (talk abstract)