10th International EMBL PhD Student Symposium
October 23 - 25, 2008, Heidelberg, Germany


To grow or not to grow wondered the bug and overtook the world. To differentiate or not to differentiate asked the cell and became a neuron. To fold or not to fold questioned the molecule and turned into an enzyme. To run or not to run asked the lion and hunted the antelope for dinner. To attend or not to attend the 10th EMBL PhD Symposium? Here is your chance to decide, go straight to the registration page.

Biological systems - ranging from small enzymes to cells to diverse populations - make an uncountable number of decisions every second, every day. Decision making can be seen as the one constant process in a biological system, and nature is constantly at the crossroads.

During this year's symposium 'Decision Making in Biology' we want to explore how biological systems integrate different factors and decide whether to change to a new state. Invited speakers, including Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt and other world-renown experts, will provide an overview of what determines a 'Decision in Biology' at several levels of complexity, ranging from molecules to populations, moving through cells and organisms. Participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own work in poster sessions and selected short talks. Young researchers and leading scientists have ample time to interact in a relaxed and informal environment.