Networks in the Life Sciences – Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology
14th EMBL PhD Symposium

25th–27th October 2012

From genomics and proteomics to systems biology: Current insights

Ordered, robust biological systems are a product of complex and highly regulated interactions and networks between their components. The EMBL PhD Symposium will focus on how these systems arise.

The symposium is an annual scientific event with the aim of providing young researchers from different international research institutions with the opportunity to listen to multidisciplinary lectures by top-level speakers and to interact with leading scientists in an informal and relaxed environment.

Symposium over

Symposium group photo

That’s it, people – the symposium is over. We’d like to thank all the speakers, poster presenters and participants and we hope that you had as much fun as we did. We’ve collected some impressions in a picture gallery, courtesy to our photographer, Igor Jukic.

Invited Speakers

Previous Years

A group picture of the participants of last year's symposium

Last year’s conference with the topic The Rhythm of Life: Cycles in biology investigated how life on all levels is regulated by rhythms.


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The 14th EMBL PhD Symposium is organised by the 2011 selection PhD students at EMBL. It is hosted by EMBL. We would like to acknowledge the funding it generously provided.