Networks in the Life Sciences – Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology
14th EMBL PhD Symposium

25th–27th October 2012

Poster Award

Close-up of a poster

© 2011 Dominic Eicher

Applicants will be given the chance to present their work in the form of a scientific poster during our poster sessions. Eligible submitted posters are automatically entered in our poster award contest.

Posters will be judged (see guidelines below) by a panel of EMBL scientists, students, and communications workers.


The winning poster of each day will be awarded a cash prize of 200 €* and a certificate of accomplishment.

*) The money will be awarded by bank transfer.


All undergraduate, master and PhD students are eligible.


Posters should summarise the research in a clear and concise manner. Posters will be judged by the clarity and structure of their textual and visual information. Posters should also contain a short text summary accessible to a general scientific audience and will be judged by their accessibility to non specialists.

The poster board dimensions are 1.05 m wide × 2.30 m high; make sure your poster does not exceed these dimensions. The recommended size is A0 (84.1 cm × 118.9 cm), and appropriate display boards will be made available along with pins for mounting. Pins for mounting the posters will be made available.


Registrations will be accepted until the 6th of September. Abstract submissions will be accepted until the 13th of September.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email and may submit poster abstracts via the link provided prior to the 6th of September. Abstracts submitted after that date must be sent via email to and should be less than 2000 characters in length.

Posters should be mounted on the displays provided no later than 9 am, Thursday 25th October, or 9 am on the appropriate day for day pass registrants. Posters should be removed after 17:15, Saturday 27th; posters remaining on the 28th will be removed and discarded.

Many thanks to Lena Raditsch from the EMBL Communication and Outreach office for helping us set up the competition and providing the prize money.