Networks in the Life Sciences – Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology
14th EMBL PhD Symposium

25th–27th October 2012


Interior of the Klaus-Tschira-Auditorium

© 2011 Dominic Eicher

The symposium will comprise three core sessions, spanning three days:

(Note that this schedule is preliminary and subject to change.)

Thursday: Focus on genomics

The attempt to interpret the ever-increasing flood of genomic data requires the integration not only of disparate biological fields, but also of cross-field collaboration. Our speakers will represent experts from both the public and private sector and will discuss recent advances in, and the future implications of, genomics technology for research and society at large.

Thursday, 25th October

09:00Opening Address
09:30Invited SpeakerAlex HoffmannCombinatorial and dynamic control logic within pathogen-responsive gene regulatory networks
10:20Coffee Break
11:00Invited SpeakerNicholas ErikssonInteractive web-based genetic research at 23andMe
11:50Student PresentationSarani GhoshalUsing systems genetics to deduce the gene network for a novel mitochondrial protein NIPSNAP1
12:45Poster Session/Workshop
14:00Invited SpeakerBen LehnerThe biology of individuals
14:50Student PresentationKatherine R. SmithPhasing Rare Variants detected by Massively Parallel Sequencing
15:10Coffee Break
15:30The EMBO LectureRichard DurbinHuman genetic variation: from population sequencing to cellular function
16:30Student PresentationMartin BeckerTranscriptional networks in speech and language
16:50Poster Session
17:45Student PresentationLaurence WilsonA novel splicing outcome reveals more than 2400 new mammalian transcripts
18:05Panel Discussion

Friday: Focus on proteomics

Proteomics, like genomics, is a field undergoing a revolution. Our speakers will discuss developments in the field with applications ranging from research and synthetic biology to medical diagnosis.

Friday, 26th October

09:00Invited SpeakerRuedi AebersoldProteomics and network biology
09:50Student PresentationRobert HeyerMetaProteomeAnalyzer: A software tool specifically developed for the functional and taxonomic characterization of metaproteome data
10:10Coffee Break
10:35Invited SpeakerJuri RappsilberProteomics, embracing the chaos
11:25Group Photograph
12:30Poster Session/Workshop
13:30Invited SpeakerLuis SerranoIntegrative approaches using proteomics, genomics, metabolomics and biochemistry to understand in a quantitative way a living organism.
14:20Student PresentationDavid WoodTissue-restricted rewiring of protein interaction networks by alternative transcriptional events
14:40Coffee Break
15:05Invited SpeakerAmos BairochneXtProt: a human protein-centric knowledge platform
15:55Student PresentationBenjamin LangEvolution and network topologies of post-translational signalling systems
16:15Poster Session
17:15Student PresentationLorey SmithSpatiotemporal regulation of the RAS-ERK-FRA1 signaling response by cell polarity sub-networks restrains transformation and invasion induced by the RAS oncogene
17:35Panel Discussion

Saturday: Focus on networks & interactions

Our last day will highlight attempts to model even higher-level systems such as the regulatory networks and cell–cell interactions that determine cell fate in development. Our speakers will discuss the value of the systems approach in these high level systems, and the challenges to be overcome in applying it.

Saturday, 27th October

09:00Invited SpeakerMatthieu PielAn immune system on a chip
09:50Student PresentationRebecca Worsley HuntImproved prediction of regulatory sequences by incorporation of local property analysis
10:10Coffee Break
10:35Invited SpeakerAndreas SchuppertModelling of complex phenotypes by functional networks
11:25Student PresentationElizabeth BlaberGene expression analysis of mouse bone and bone marrow exhibit significantly altered expression of cell proliferation signaling pathways in response to spaceflight
12:30Poster Session/Workshop
13:30Invited SpeakerEugenia PiddiniCell wars: competitive cell interactions in health and disease
14:20Student PresentationMani GroverAssociation of detailed drug data with the predicted candidate genes in Gentrepid
14:40Coffee Break
15:05Invited SpeakerDagmar IberFrom networks to medical applications – computational models of development
15:55Student PresentationMoritz von StoschModelling biochemical networks with intrinsic time delays
16:15Poster Session
17:15Panel Discussion
18:00Closing address & Prizes

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Give a short talk in any of the three sessions
  • Present and participate in the poster competition
  • Attend workshops run by our industrial sponsors

Meals and coffee will be provided throughout the conference. On the last day, the conference concludes with the traditional symposium party.