• Why should I create a login/account to register for the EMBL PhD Symposium?
      • The creation of an account is needed in order to register for one of EMBL’s events. You only need to create this account once and you can use it to register for any other EMBL events. Please make sure to use a valid e-mail address. We assume no responsibility if communications cannot be sent to you due to a faulty e-mail address. Please note that the data you entered will appear on your name badge, receipt, abstract book, certificate of participation etc as you insert it. Please do not use only uppercase or lowercase for your name, institute. (e.g. JOHN DOE; john doe)
    • How can I change the password for my account?
      • You can change your password and update any information that may change such as name, institution, department etc by checking the ‘Edit my account’ checkbox when you enter your account.
    • Why have I not received a registration confirmation e-mail?
      • After completing your registration you should always receive a confirmation e-mail. In addition, if you have paid and have only received the confirmation from the online payment provider, but not the registration confirmation email, please contact us.
    • What do I need to do if I want to cancel my registration?
      • As soon as you know that you will not be able to take part in the meeting please inform us. Your registration will be deleted together with the abstract in case you have submitted it. Please also check our Terms and Conditions for the cancellation policy.
    • The registration deadline for the meeting is over, can I still register?
      • Please contact us to check if places are still available.
    • Can you send me a visa letter for my visa application?
      • Yes, we can send you a letter for your visa application. Please contact us. Please note that no visa letters can be issued before being accepted to the meeting (meetings with an acceptance selection process) and payment of the registration fee. In case your visa application was not successful we will reimburse your registration fee. We cannot include information about accommodation in the letter when this has not been covered in the registration fee.
    • I have already registered for this conference. Can I make changes to my registration information?
      • You can change or update any information that may change such as password, name, institution, department etc. by checking the 'Edit my account' checkbox when you enter your account.


    • Do I need to submit an abstract to be selected?
      • It is possible to register without presenting an abstract. However, please note that we do encourage participants to submit an abstract and actively take part in the programme either by presenting a poster or being selected for a talk.
    • How do I submit my abstract?
      • You can submit your abstract online only after registration. The link for the abstract submission will be available on the registration confirmation page and in the confirmation e-mail you will be receiving after registering. Before submitting please take into consideration: The limit of 2000 characters refers to manually typed text and it includes spaces. If you copy paste the text, hidden formatting might still be included and you will be informed that your text exceeds the limit of 2000 characters. We recommend copy-pasting it into Notepad and then onto the website. Some web browsers do not accept abstracts with 199X characters. Sometimes your institute’s settings for internal documents are saved in the document as hidden formatting. Using an external computer might help. Some symbols are not recognized by the tool if they are copy-pasted. If errors still occur try using a different web browser.
    • I get an error saying that my abstract text is over 2000 characters even after I followed all the instructions for submitting it. What can I do?
      • After you’ve tried all the suggestions for abstract submission and not managed to submit it please try introducing only a part of the abstract and then the rest of the text. If this does not work please send the abstract text to the conference organizer of the meeting. Please note that we cannot introduce the abstract text via the back-office, we can only view/edit it back-office. We will just override your account (by changing your password) and try to insert the abstract as you. We will send you your new password which you can change by editing your account.
    • The author submitted the abstract. As co-author, do I need to submit the abstract again?
      • It is not mandatory to submit the same abstract. But if you are the presenter it is recommended that you submit the abstract as well.
    • Although I’ve selected the correct order for my co-authors, they do not appear in the correct order. What can I do?
      • After you’ve entered them on the website the co-authors might show up in alphabetical order. The order gets mixed up if you have more than 9 co-authors. If this is the case please mark in the order column the tenth with 91, the eleventh with 92, and so on. If they still don’t keep the order, contact the responsible conference officer for the meeting and send the correct order of co-authors.


    • How does the abstract selection take place?
      • The abstracts that the participants submit will be evaluated by organizing EMBL PhD students and will be selected for either oral or poster presentations. While submitting your abstract you'll be able to choose if you would like to apply for a talk or a poster presentation only.
    • If I am selected for a short talk, can I also bring a poster?
      • If you have been selected for a talk you will not receive an allocated slot for a poster. As an exception, if you would like to present also a poster during the poster sessions, based on space availability we might be able to offer you an unnumbered poster board.
    • If I am not selected for a short talk, is there another way to present my work?
      • Applicants not selected for a talk will still have the opportunity to present a poster during the poster sessions of the meeting.
    • How long does it take for the results to be announced?
      • The selection will be announced by October.


    • Can I pay by bank transaction for the early bird registration?
      • As bank transactions take some time to be processed, there is no direct way to confirm your registration. In order to benefit from the early bird discount only immediate payment via credit card is accepted.
    • I can only pay by bank transfer but I think I already registered in the early bird. Why don't I get a confirmation email?
      • If no payment has been done, no registration occurs, therefore you will not receive any email.
    • When can I pay by bank transfer?
      • This option is only allowed when late registration is open. You will have a option there that allows you to pay later and therefore pay by bank transfer. But its strongly recommended to avoid paying by bank transfer as mentioned above.
    • How can I pay online?
      • 1. Enter via the Existing user - account you created when registering (e-mail and password). If you have forgotten your password the site will send it to the e-mail you provided when registering.
        2. Click the ‘Edit Registration Order’ link You will see that ‘I will pay with my credit card’ is checked and you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions in order to move to the payment site.
        3. On the payment site you can choose between 4 different ways of payment: Master Card, Visa credit, Visa debit, ELV (bank transfer only for German bank accounts). You need to select the desired credit card symbol.
    • Can I pay by bank transfer?
      • We strongly recommend that you make the payment via the online registration system. This way we have a rapid confirmation of your payment.
        However, in exceptional cases, when it is not possible to make an online payment we accept manual bank transfers. Please note that these take longer to check because of the manual steps in transferring, processing, checking and confirming them in our system. Information about bank transfers exist on the billing statement you receive when asked to pay your registration fee. Please follow the instructions exactly in order to identify your payment.
    • Why have I received a payment reminder although I have made a bank transfer?
      • Due to the manual steps that exist in processing a bank transfer, the payment into our accounts may be delayed. You may receive the payment reminder several times until the payment is processed simply because the payment is not immediately visible in our database. To help us in identifying your payment please make sure you follow the instructions from the billing statement or send a short informative e-mail to the conference office responsible with a proof of payment.
    • I’ve paid online, but my credit card has been charged twice. What do I do?
      • If during your payment you’ve encountered an error and gone back on the pages and introduced your details again, the system might have taken into consideration the double payment. Please contact us as soon as possible.
    • When do I have to pay the registration fee?
      • Please refer to the event website and the information given at the end of the registration process.
        If the meeting is based on selection, you will be able to register with the mention ”I will pay later” in your registration. Once you receive the acceptance e-mail you will also be informed on how to make the payment.
        If the meeting is on a first come-first serve basis, you can pay immediately when you register for the event and therefore confirming your place in the meeting.
    • Are the registration fees including taxes?
      • No, our registration fees are net, thus do not include taxes. As an international organization we are tax-exempted and thus do not charge taxes.
    • For the administration of my institute I need an official invoice, can I get one?
      • We normally issue billing statements that mention the amount that the registrant needs to pay. If this is not enough for your institute, we can also issue an official invoice including the tax number of our institute. If you need one, please contact the conference officer responsible for your meeting with your request.


    • Which is the nearest hotel to EMBL?
      • ISG Hotel is the nearest hotel to EMBL (5 min driving, 20 min walk through the woods). There are special fees for accommodation in ISG Hotel and a free shuttle between this hotel and the conference in EMBL will be provided.
        We can only offer shared double rooms for the participants of the symposium. If you wish to reserve a room, please contact us.
        If you wish to have accommodation in downtown Heidelberg, you will have to arrange the hotel and transport yourself.


    • I require an invitation letter for my visa application. What should I do?
      • Please first complete registration, including paying your registration fee, and then contact us here and we will prepare the invitation letter for you. Please allow ample time for both the letter preparation and the visa application process.


    • How can I apply for a travel grant or fee waiver?
      • You need to register for the symposium first. Afterwards, please send us an email communicating your application. Most importantly, it should contain your abstract, the information what you want to apply for (fee waiver and/or travel grant) and in the latter case also the information from where you are traveling. In addition, you may include a short CV.
        We will announce the travel grant awardees after the abstract submission deadline (August 21st) in the beginning of September. In case you have any question, please contact us.
    • What are the criteria for selection for travel grant/fee waiver?
      • We wish to reward active participation in the symposium with travel grants/fee waivers. Applying to present a poster or give a talk will therefore increase your chances of receiving a travel grant/fee waiver.
        We further wish to encourage international participation and we will apply our institute’s equal opportunity policies and will encourage equal participation of women and students from developing countries.
        Special notes for students applying from Australia: Please consider an application for the “EMBL PhD Symposium Grants” from EMBL Australia first.


    • "The page you requested could not be displayed because one of the URL parameters was invalid or the page requested does not exist or a system failure occurred."
      • If the link does not work, your e-mail settings (plain text) are cutting the link.
        Just check in your e-mail that your link is written in only one line, if some letters/numbers are written on another line you need to type those in the browser after the first line of the link.
    • "You cannot logon with this account because the account has no contacts"
      • Some error might have occurred when you created your account in the first place. Please contact the conference officer responsible for your event who will correct your logon account.